Happiness and Beauty

Happiness. We all achieve to attain it. And maintain it. The pursuit of happiness has been a topic of conversation for thousands of years.

What is happiness? Everyone experiences both positive and negative emotions, feelings, and moods. Happiness is generally linked to experiencing more positive feelings than negative. It also relates to life satisfaction.

Happiness can lead to a healthier, better you. Positive emotions are linked to improved health and longevity. One study found that people who experienced more positive emotions than negative ones were more likely to have survived over a 13 year period. Positive feelings can also increase resilience. Resilience helps people to better manage stress and bounce back healthier and faster when faced with setbacks. For example, one study found that happier people tend to have lower levels of stress hormones and that these benefits tend to continue and last over time.

Happiness isn’t necessarily ignoring the bad, and only focusing on the good. Reframing these negative perceptions isn’t about ignoring the bad. Instead, it means trying to take a more balanced, realistic look at events. It allows you to notice patterns in your thinking and then challenge negative thoughts.

There are ways to improve your daily happiness levels by taking small steps and training your mental state to see more happiness in the daily routine around you. Emotional pressure isn’t physical, it is mental. As a result of you being physical, mental and spiritual, the idea is to create a sense of balance. Breathing deeply begins the process of holistic thinking by connecting body, mind, and soul. With a slow deep breath in and a long and slower deep breath out, you take power away from emotions. Do it twice. The magic of deep breathing is that it sets us into the natural soothing rhythms of our body. This relaxes the physical impact of stress.

In turn, the more relaxed we are and the happier our bodies and minds are, the benefits can also be seen physically, with improved skin conditions, a healthier skin can absorb high quality beauty products at a higher standard when proper breathing practices are executed, as a feeling of calm can be attained. The senses are more attuned with good breathing exercises, resulting in optimal skin hydration.

At -417, it is our mission to awaken your senses with an exclusive clean, sustainable beauty experience using high quality natural ingredients, and beauty inspirations to spark happiness, joy, and love. Our products and treatments are created with formulas combining technology and well-being for a positive, transformative effect on both body and mind.

This month, save with our Radiant See collection. When you order any two items from the collection, receive our Detoxifying Firming Mud Facial Mask 20ml FREE. We have included a few of our favorites from the collection below with some tips on how to get the best use out of our products! Discover uncommon sensations by indulging your senses. We, at -417 invite you to explore sensual textures, enjoy irresistible fragrances, and see wishful, unexpected results.

For an immediate burst of brilliance and visible results from the moment of application, our 60 Second Miracle Lifting Mask is perfect. An instant lifting mask effect enriched with a precious Dead Sea mineral complex. It regenerates and soothes the skin while helping to promote skin detoxification and reducing redness. Additionally, it helps to tighten the skin’s network structure, improving skin elasticity and firmness.

Tired complexions will rejoice to discover our Beauty Miracle Sleeping Cream. This night treatment combining the moisturizing power of a mask and the light and refreshing feeling of a cream will help to reduce the skin’s dull appearance and dry texture. Enriched with the precious mineral complex of the Dead Sea, rare plants extracts and vitamins, it helps repair the skin’s moisture barrier, regenerate its surface layer and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. It moisturizes and nourishes the skin during the night and makes it luminous, erasing the signs of fatigue.

The miracle product to smooth wrinkles and fine lines in a single application? Believe it with our Miracle Rejuvenation Wrinkle Filler. Its unique formula is inspired by the latest dermatological techniques and could help to reduce your aging and expression wrinkles. It can help stimulate the firmness of the skin while regenerating it. After only one use, you can see the difference on the skin! After 4 weeks of use, see and feel the difference in the reduction of fine lines, smoothness and softness. The active ingredients create an instant lifting effect and provide a radiant complexion.

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