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Facial Skincare

-417 will awaken your senses. An indulgent face mask can supply your skin with the nourishment it craves, melting away the stress of daily life and making you feel brand new. Get ready to experience a whole new kind of wellness, because -417 uses only natural, active ingredients found in the world’s largest natural spa: The Dead Sea.


Whether you have dry, sensitive or oily skin, the best face mask for you is out there - and it will stir up that long forgotten feeling of taking care of yourself, for a change. Masks are a great way to give your skin a boost. Try our all-time favorite Recovery Mud Mask, made of Dead Sea Mud, to tackle a variety of skin conditions for the ultimate soothing experience. Try a peel off face mask with an unforgettable aroma for a deep clean that regular cleansers can’t compete with. If you have breakout-prone skin, a face mask for acne can be a lifesaver. An anti-aging mask can tackle your fine lines and make you feel more youthful than ever.

Most masks are effective within just 15-30 minutes, but feel free to leave them on all night for an ever more powerful effect. We recommend using masks twice per week, once during a weeknight and once during the weekend.

Remember, facial skincare isn’t just about weekly or bi-weekly masking. To achieve great skin, a daily beauty regimen should include face wash, serum and face cream. When it comes to the first step - cleansing - finding the best face wash can be tricky. It’s important that it’s potent enough to get rid of the make-up, dirt and dust that settled on our face during the long day, but gentle enough to not over-dry or strip away the skin’s vital moisture barrier. A gentle cleansing milk is a great gentle medium, removing make up effectively and helping skin stay moisturized.

The next step consists of applying facial serum. This is an essential step to combat the signs of aging, and equip your skin with the nutrients it needs to restore. Applying facial serum before day or night cream ensures a long-lasting moisturizing effect, that allows active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin and maximizes the benefits of any cream applied thereafter, such as day moisturizer or night cream. The result is firmer and smoother skin that’s more even.

After cleansing and nourishing skin using serums, it’s time to restore moisture with face cream. This step is vital both for the way skin looks and the way it feels. Dehydrated skin can be flaky, rough and even painful. To find the best face cream for your skin, you’ll need to consider many conditions, including skin type, amount of daily sun exposure, desired finish (matte or dewy, tinted or untinted), and fragrance.

-417 products will let you see results. All of our facial masks, cleansers, serums and creams are highly concentrated in active ingredients, including Dead Sea minerals and vitamins. Go on, introduce #UncommonSensations into your facial skincare routine.