Regain Control Over Father Time With

The Time Control Collection

The ravages of time – reversed.

Finally gain the advantages of being able to recover from and reverse the detrimental effects of aging and regain that youthful you with The Time Control Collection.

Legendary skin care creation to prevent skin from aging

Harnessing the power of Dead Sea minerals and nutrients, our Time Control collection includes firming and regenerating creams, serums and eye serums for aging skin target fine lines and wrinkles and work to diminish the effects of time.

Luxury anti-aging skincare
Whether to correct, support or prevent, boosting your beauty regime with an anti-aging moisturizer can help restore and rebalance skin, while adding in those extra targeted ingredients to lift, plump and firm at the same time. For a more rejuvenated and radiant complexion that feel and smells incredible, add these hardworking heroes from -417 into your daily routine.

Anti-aging serums
Experience a new level of timeless beauty with our anti-aging serums, like -417 Facial Active Serum which is our most accelerated wrinkle serum yet. After just 15 days, skin is visibly smoother - for a beautiful, younger look.

Time Control is ideal to address beauty concerns like lines, wrinkles, and loss of firmness. Time Control will:

  • Revitalize skin. Dramatically reducing the look of wrinkles, lines, dullness, and dehydration, so skin looks its radiant best—younger, firmer, more beautiful than ever.
  • Rewind time. Help reverse the visible signs of aging through products that stir uncommon sensations.

Precise and targeted anti-aging science works deep down to help fight the appearance of wrinkles. Using powerful interceptor technology, the Time Control Collection offers the definitive solution in the fight against lines and wrinkles. The Time Control Collection reawakens skin through unique -417 targeted treatments that protect against the effects of time. The products from the Time Control collection all work based on three principles. It:

  • Plumps: plumps with hydration        
  • Firms: firms to improve elasticity
  • Corrects: helps correct the look of wrinkles

They say a real lady never reveals her age. Keep everyone guessing what yours is with -417’s top-notch Time Control skin care regimen.

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