Incredibly Manageable, Healthy Looking Hair From A 2-in-1 Formula That Does It All With Our

Body & Hair
Shampoo Gel For Men

End the clutter of multiple products, save time and get incredible results improving the sheen and style management of your hair with a product that’s perfect as a body wash as well.

Make life easier and get the results you desire today!

Sense the natural fragrance of our Shower Gel and enjoy the benefits of its lightweight texture on your skin. You will feel the softness of your skin after the shower.

Luxury bath
The ultimate beauty ritual to cleanse, purify and indulge skin while promoting well-being and relaxation is to indulge in a warm bath. From the addictive scents of bath oils, soaking salts and bubbles, to that incomparable feeling of all your worries melting away – there is no reason you shouldn’t treat yourself to a bath often. To design your personal paradise, take your pick from our edit of delightfully fragrant luxury soaps and shower gels.

Luxury soaps
Whether for the bath or the shower, a hand wash or for gifting friends and family, select from our exquisite edit of finely fragranced luxury soaps. We offer bath bars in sensual scents and indulgent creamy formulations, along with luxurious lather-rich hand washes that can’t help but stir uncommon sensations.

Luxury shower gels
Elevate every shower to the height of luxury by treating yourself to a truly decadent shower gel. Boasting enticing scents and creamy lathers, -417’s edit includes gels that gently cleanse while leaving skin ever so slightly scented. When you towel off, you’ll feel like you just came from from the spa.

Luxurious bath oils
Banish boring baths and sub-par soaks by boosting your bathroom line-up with an enticing assortment of luxury bath oils. Look to the experts in opulence – Minus 417 – for must-try formulas enriched with rare essential oils and fragrant scents and prepare to transform your bath with just a few drops to relax and rejuvenate in an instant.

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