Dead Sea Facial Serums for Healthier, Dewy Skin

50 ml | 1.7 oz

Highly concentrated serum for cell rejuvenation.
Improves skin moisture balance and enhances
other creams activities & benefits on the skin.
In the morning, the serum performs as an excellent
moisturizer base; it protects and helps the skin stay
moisturized all day long.
At night time, when the skin is available to receive all the active ingredients benefits, the active components of the serum help to delay the skin aging process.
FEEL the light concentrated texture on the skin
SEE visible beauty results on the skin:

The skin is smoother, soother and moisturized.


30 ml | 1.0 oz

Highly concentrated eye serum.
Provides immediate improvement in firmness and skin elasticity for the eyes sensitive area.
Brightens and revitalizes eyes area while providing a luminous and radiant look.
FEEL light and soft concentrated texture on the skin.
SEE immediate results on the eyes area:

Puffiness under the eyes and dark circles are reduced.
Skin is firmer and revitalized.
Provides luminous and radiant look for a younger looking appearance.


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