Vitamin Moisturizer for men


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Feel your skin staying hydrated all throughout the day with this hard-working Vegan all day moisturizer for normal to oily skin. Your skin absorbs and begins hydrating itself. Best men cream.


Product details

Feel your skin staying hydrated all throughout the day with this hard-working Vegan all day moisturizer for normal to oily skin. Best skin care product for men. 

*Feel how rapidly your skin absorbs and begins hydrating itself.

*You’ll love the soft matt finish that does not make you shiny even in bright light.

*Revel in the sensation of much softer and more toned skin that feels great to the touch.

Scent ~ A nice neutral scent that doesn’t compete with your chosen cologne of the day.

Feel ~ Your skin relax as it’s nourished and de-stressed.

See ~ The visible signs if aging diminish such as fine lines and wrinkles for a much younger look.

How To Use

Apply evenly to clean face and neck.



Active Ingredients

Precious Dead Sea Mineral Complex ~ from the lowest point on the earth’s surface at – 417 meters below sea level which helps maintain optimal hydration levels by enhancing the skins ability to retain moisture.

Vitamin A - Vitamin A important in the renewal of the  skin  so that you can replace the old damaged  with a healthy look , new, young  skin.

Vitamin B - Helps the skin hold on to moisture by creating an evaporation barrier that also helps protect against environmental damages.

Vitamin C - A powerful antioxidant helping prevent ultraviolet (UV)-induced photodamage and enhance bright healthy uniform look.

Vitamin E - A powerful antioxidant that helps neutralize the free radicals before they can exact their damaging toll on your skin causing it to appear older before your time.

Vitamin F - Also known as Omega Fatty Acids. soften the skin naturally by promoting optimal skin balance.

Plant Extracts:

Green Tea - The antioxidants in green tea called Polyphenols are known to be extraordinary free radical scavengers which give the green tea anti-aging and skin-soothing properties and show significant promise for improving the appearance of sun-damaged skin.

Horse Chestnut Seed Extract ~ a powerful antioxidant that has been shown to help reduce premature aging and maintain the skin healthy look.

Aloe Vera - contains Auxin and Gibberellins which provide soothing and calming properties that help reduce skin irritations.

Plant Oils:

Borage Oil - One of the world’s strongest and best sources of omega 3 essential fatty acids its skin moisturizing and nurturing properties are legendary.

Grapeseed Oil - Being high in linoleic acid has shown to soften and balance the skin barrier and its high vitamin E content acts as a natural antioxidant.




Vitamin Moisturizer For Men


Берём постоянно, это просто потрясающий крем, который реально улучшает состояние кожи и предотвращает ее старение, результат ощутим.