330 gr

Natural body exfoliator based on the legendary Dead Sea Mud known for its unique tightening and firming properties.
The formula combines the very best of original Minerals -
a natural skin peeling, leaving the skin silky & soft - with tightening & firming natural ingredients.
Maximizes the benefits of any body care applied after.
FEEL the unique Dead Sea Mud texture
SMELL aromatic odors of nature
SEE immediate results on the skin:

Skin is smooth, soft & supple



100 ml

Extra intensive mud cream: 3 in 1 solution for
Body, Hand & Foot.
Moisturizes and nourishes dry skin while providing
tightening and firming effects.
FEEL the rich and concentrated texture on the skin.
SMELL delicate odors of nature
SEE immediate and long lasting results on the skin:

Skin is nourished, firm & supple.
Skin is smooth, soft & luminous.

250 ml

Firming and tightening body lotion based on Precious Dead Sea Minerals & Mud.
Nourishes and moisturizes while tightening and firming the skin thanks to original Dead Sea Mud and to Phytoless, clinically tested Complex, that increase firmness of thighs and knees after 2 months, being use twice a day.
FEEL the light texture on the skin
SMELL delicate odors of nature
SEE significant results on the skin:

Skin is firmer & tightened.
Skin is smooth, soft & supple.



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