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Aromatic Body Butter - Lavender -No. 879 250 ml


250 ml

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Product details

Feel your skin relax as it’s being both nourished and protected from harmful UV rays with the Precious Dead Sea Water and Shea Butter combination that works wonders.

*Help slow the visible signs of aging by protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays you know you can’t expose yourself too.

*Relaxes the skin from the stresses of the day allowing it to begin the healing and rejuvenation processes.

*Experience the true softness of your skin as the quality natural ingredients help restore it back to a more youthful state.

Scent ~ It comes in 3 scents Lavender, Milk & Honey and Kiwi Mango.

Feel ~ The supple softness of your more youthful skin return.

See ~ The visible signs of fine liens and wrinkles diminish.

How To Use

Massage daily into your cleaned skin until fully absorbed.


Active Ingredients

Vitamin A ~ Retinal, retinol and retinoic acid from Vitamin A are extremely important in the production of new skin cells so that you can replace the old damaged cells with healthy, new, young ones.

Vitamin B ~ Helps the skin hold on to moisture by creating an evaporation barrier that also helps protect against sun damage.

Vitamin C ~ With its role in collagen synthesis and helping prevent and treat ultraviolet (UV)-induced photodamage it’s an indispensable nutrient for proper skin health.

Vitamin E ~ A powerful antioxidant that helps neutralize the free radicals before they can exact their damaging toll on your skin causing it to appear older before your time.

Vitamin F ~ Also known as Omega Fatty Acids soften the skin naturally by promoting optimal hormonal skin balance.

Dead Sea Water ~ A highly energized water with traces of dead sea minerals homeopathically suspended from eons of direct contact infusion.

Shea Butter ~ An anti-inflammatory with a huge concentration of natural vitamins and fatty acids that make it incredibly nourishing and moisturizing for skin.

Aloe Vera ~ contains Auxin and Gibberellins which provide wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce skin inflammation.

Honey ~ The ‘RIGHT’ kind of honey is a near miracle for the skin as it’s used by doctors clinically to rejuvenate and protect the skin of patients with a wide variety of challenges.

Beeswax ~ Is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial which fights infections and chapped dry skin. It coats and sooths the skin sealing in moisture without clogging up the pores or lymphatic system.

Essential Oils:

Sweet Almond Oil ~ The naturally occurring Vitamin E that is organically bound in its oil helps protect against the damaging effects of UV exposure.

Grapeseed Oil ~ Being high in linoleic acid has shown to reduce clogged pores and its high vitamin E content acts as a natural antioxidant.

Avocado Oil ~ The oils of avocado absorb right into the skin as if it were a part of it, where it then helps restore the softness and suppleness lost by aging and the ravaging of pollutants.

Plant Extracts:

Chamomile ~ Has been used for centuries to relieve tired skin, calm the mind and allow restorative healing to take place.

Horse Chestnut Seed Extract ~ has been shown to help reduce the symptoms of poor blood circulation, such as varicose veins, reduce pain, tiredness and swelling.