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The Absolute Mud Collection

Bring the treatments of the worlds most coveted spas right into your home with the convenience of being able to pamper yourself on your own time.

The luxury of the Dead Sea Mud Baths delivered right to your door.

Feel and enjoy the unique Dead Sea Mud sensations on your skin

Rich in Dead Sea Mud and Dead Sea minerals and nutrients with proven health and cosmetic benefits, our masks, creams, and muds for face and body deliver visible results to all skin types. Feel the smoothness of your skin as you breathe in the aroma of the Dead Sea, with our line for daily use.

Our mud skincare collection purifies, exfoliates and cleanses to bring out your healthy glow and deliver the results you crave.

In ancient days, Dead Sea mud was used by pharaohs and queens like Cleopatra to get better skin. Ancient people would soak their skin in the waters of the Dead Sea to obtain relief from their chronic pains and to restore their good health. If it is good enough for Cleopatra, it is good enough for us. The Dead Sea is the world’s largest source of skin-essential minerals, which hydrate and help improve cell function, slowing down the aging process. When using our Dead Sea mud products, you can expect perks like drawing out impurities, absorbing excess oil, delivering valuable minerals, and soothing and repairing your skin.

Although our Dead Sea mud masks and creams work best for individuals with skin problems, they are ideal for any skin type. Filled with nutrients and minerals, our mud mask is excellent for reducing psoriasis and moisturizing the skin. When you take a -417 mud facial, Dead Sea mud helps to immediately make a healthier skin tone and remove the layers of dead cells. New cells can regenerate for younger and more youthful looking skin. Blood circulation in the face increases and the skin on the face becomes noticeably warmer. It is proven to remove toxins and acne-causing bacteria from your face. At the same time, a -417 mud facial seals the mud over the face and increases your face’s ability to absorb minerals and proteins.

Mother nature

Thinking about trying a dead sea mud mask? Discover and try -417 Absolute Mud. It is one of the top natural products for cleansing pores and revitalizing skin.

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