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Earth Day 2021 – Thanking Mother For Nature’s Finest Elements

For over fifty years now, we have celebrated Earth Day across the world. It’s a global mission to empower and expand the environmental movement. Although it is truly a year-round effort, we use April 22nd each year to signify that we can have a greater role in protecting our planet.

As a company that cares deeply about the Earth and being conscious of the best natural sources it has to offer, we at -417 are proud that our products are paraben-free, cruelty-free and mineral oil-free. Although it might seem daunting to try and save the Earth, fortunately, there are so many ways, big and small, that people can help to make our planet more ‘green’. From planting trees and helping the reforestation efforts, to cleaning public spaces to reusing, recycling and reducing plastic waste in your daily life, we can help make a difference for our planet.

To celebrate Earth Day, our body products are 25% off all month long on our website, so discover uncommon sensations by indulging your senses.

Our body products truly cover you from head to toe; from our hair care to body lotions to hand and foot creams. We, at -417 invite you to explore sensual textures, enjoy irresistible fragrances, see wishful, unexpected results and live the Dead Sea experience. We included a few of our favorite body products below with some tips on how to get the best use out of our products!

Feel the sensation of our incredibly unique vegan Intense Volumizing Mud Shampoo based on Dead Sea minerals that draw out the impurities of the scalp all while nourishing it and providing antioxidant UV exposure protection. It hydrates the scalp that’s been damaged by harsh chemical products and leaves the hair amazingly volumized. Works well for treating dandruff or dry scalp. To use, apply a sufficient amount of shampoo on wet hair, massage into a lather and rinse away thoroughly.

The perfect pairing to our mud shampoo is our Deep Nourishing Mineral Conditioner. Feel the sensation of a truly lightweight, silky smooth vegan hair conditioner that allows your hair to be light, manageable and maintain its volume. Helps maintain proper hydration levels by both hydrating and retaining moisture throughout the day. To use, apply a sufficient amount of conditioner on wet hair and massage into a lather and rinse away thoroughly.

Our Aromatic Refreshing Body Lotion is an incredible body lotion for winter and all-year-round. Use this fully vegan lotion to nourish your skin into a perfectly moisturized sensation of soft, silky and smooth. Rehydrate your skin anytime throughout the day by replenishing the lost moisture that the sun, wind and elements have removed. To use, massage daily onto clean skin until fully absorbed.

Our best-selling Antioxidant Hand Moisturizer helps neutralize toxins and protect your skin. Experience the protectiveness of the Dead Sea mineral base as it combats the elements that attack your skin every day. Revel in the sensation of your hands feeling silky smooth and moisturized and watch as fine lines and wrinkles are diminished by its naturally superior moisturizing effects. To use, apply daily over entire hand surface and massage until fully absorbed.


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