-417 Mineral Vegan Natural Skin Care Collection
Natural uncommonsensations
Precious mud, crystal minerals and essential aromatic oils are selectively chosen and formulated with the most legendary ingredient of Nature, to wrap your body and mind with uncommon sensations
All -417 Range is Free of cruelty, parabens, SLS and mineral oil

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Why -417 decided to be vegan ?

  Our values are based on honesty and respect. It is our duty to deliver our client the best quality product. That is why we decided, that we choose carefully the origin of the ingredients in the skin care products. -417 collection is based on natural active ingredients from the Dead Sea, we are strongly connected to nature and deeply respectful towards Mother Nature. We are committed to preserve Nature and its treasures. Over 80% of our products are certified as VEGAN And the rest are on progress of being VEGAN.

What Vegan Cosmetics is and is Not CRUELTY-FREE?


Cruelty-Free and Vegan are often used synonymously but they don’t always mean the same thing.

Cruelty-free is used to describe a product as being free of animal testing versus Vegan means the product is free of animal ingredients and by-products. However there are times when vegan is used to describe a product as being free of animal ingredients and not tested on animals.

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