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Banish Dry Skin And Regain Your Soft Supple Look With

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For Dry Skin

It’s so empowering when your dry skin fades away and this glowing, bright, new you emerges from underneath.

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If your skin feels dry, it can flake and often feels taut. It’s not just your face that can feel dry - your legs and arms are susceptible to dryness and most light moisturizers still leave your skin feeling thirsty. To rediscover soft, supple and plump skin you won’t be able to stop caressing, you’ll need a richer moisturizer for both daytime and nighttime, and one that will help you recover internal moisture loss and protect you from the effects the environment has on your skin. -417 has a range of products that help soothe your distressed skin and restore moisture with practical solutions that nourish, repair and revitalize.

Why your skin gets dry

There are many reasons why skin becomes dry, but fundamentally it happens when skin’s surface becomes disrupted and steadily dismantled. Genetics, environmental damage, sun damage from accumulated unprotected sun exposure, climate influences, your health, or a combination of those things can be primary or secondary causes. The type of skincare products you use can also be a factor if they contain harsh or drying ingredients that disturb skin’s surface.

Restore hydration to skin

Given the core issue of dry skin is a broken surface, the two primary goals are to put it back together again and stop doing things that tear it apart. Drenching skin in replenishing and skin-restoring ingredients is the key to hydrating the building blocks of skin. These blocks hold the skin together just like mortar holds bricks, keeping precious moisture where it’s supposed to be so skin visibly improves.

The following lists are what you need to stop doing and what you need to start doing break the cycle of having dry, uncomfortable skin.

Stop drying and damaging skin’s surface by avoiding these things:

  • Soaps (all kinds, and anything in bar form)
  • Drying cleansers of any kind (only gentle, skin-softening cleansers allowed)
  • Products with harsh or skin-aggravating ingredients (i.e. alcohol denat., peppermint, menthol, mint, citrus, eucalyptus, and all fragrance, whether natural or synthetic)
  • Using extremely hot or cold water
  • Soaking skin for lengthy periods of time in the tub or shower will breakdown skin (too much water is as problematic as too little water)
  • Abrasive scrubs, loofahs, or stiff-bristled cleansing brushes that cause micro-tears in skin’s surface

Start giving your skin the things it needs to stay hydrated and radiant:

  • Wear sunscreen with an SPF 30 or greater 365 days of the year, rain or shine. It only takes one minute of unprotected sun exposure to start chipping away at your skin’s surface stability.
  • Use moisturizers and serums that are filled to the brim with antioxidants, skin-replenishing ingredients, and skin-restoring ingredients. Gently exfoliate: Helping skin to shed built-up surface layers of dead skin as it would if it was hydrated and healthy is a fundamental part of any skincare routine
  • Use boosters that contain skin-nourishing plant oils (no fragrant oils) or hyaluronic acid.
  • Don't forget your lips: Lips are the least capable of staying smooth and soft.
  • Reduce exposure to dry environments.
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