Dead Sea Salt & Scrubs for All Skin Types

Turn Your Bath Into A Full Body treatment And Cleanse 

Detoxifying Pure Natural
Dead Sea Rich Salts

Reinvigorate your senses while gently removing dead, dry skin revealing your fresh, new, youthful skin underneath and pulling the toxin out from deep within. Dead Sea salt scrub is now available for you!

You may indulge in a bath from time to time; you may even use bath salts for aroma, peeling or relaxation. However, there’s a way to significantly upgrade your me-time so that it benefits your entire body, inside and out: Dead Sea salts.

Dead Sea cosmetics salt comes directly from the world’s biggest natural spa, the Dead Sea. In fact, its high concentration in the water is what causes people in it to float! If you can’t quite make it all the way there for a swim, you can dissolve the salt in a bath of plain tap water. It’s made of 95% Dead Sea minerals, which help in cleansing and cell renewal, contributing to the healthy look and feel of skin. You’ll notice your pent up tension release almost immediately, followed by a sense of deep hydration. That feeling is owed to the magnesium, which binds to water and plumps up skin.

By soaking in a Dead Sea collection salt bath, your body will absorb all of its 21 vital nutrients, including calcium, zinc, sulfur, bromide, potassium, iodine, and more. Each compound packs an awesome benefit for skin of all types, from mature and dry to oily and prone to breakouts.

A bath enriched with deep sea cosmetic salt can also do wonders for various aches, such as those originating in arthritis, sports injuries, tendonitis or even to relieve sore muscles after a workout. It’s even effective in treating itchy or painful blemishes caused as a result of psoriasis, and occasional cramps due to indigestion or menstruation. Whatever the discomfort, it seems bath salts can bring about quick relief.

In addition to being the perfect addition to baths, -417’s  Mineral Bath Dead Sea salt scrub can be used as a body exfoliator. It efficiently sloughs off impurities and dead skin cells that make skin look dull and rough, and cause acne. It can even be used as a facial exfoliator, with fine granules, for a smoother, more even complexion free of wrinkles and fine lines. Think of Dead Sea salt as nature’s gift, placing achieve soft, youthful and hydrated skin at your fingertips.

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