Dead Sea Body Scrubs for All Skin Types

Pamper Your Entire Body With The best for skin care Found In Luxury Facial Care Products 

Ultimate Sensorial
Dead Sea Salt Scrub

You’re about to discover a line of body care utilizing the quality ingredients and craftmanship previously reserved for luxury facial care that will now allow you to bring the cleansing, hydration and glow of your entire body to a whole new level.

Ever wonder how celebrities get that healthy glow? Often, it comes from using a peeling body scrub regularly. There are many reasons they can’t stop using it, and once you learn all the beauty benefits of exfoliating body scrub, you’ll wonder how you ever went without it in your cleansing routine

As you gently massage body scrub on your body, the particles inside it mildly peel the skin, cleansing deeply, removing dead skin cells and enhancing skin cell regeneration. The scrub actually protects the skin, allowing it to breathe and renew itself regularly. By scrubbing your skin, you’ll be increasing blood flow and helping to drain your lymph nodes, making your skin look and feel more vibrant, taught and smooth.  

Moreover, using bath scrub preps the skin for nutrients, so it maximizes the hydrating benefits of any body lotion, body oil, body butter or mask applied thereafter. Applying lotion to un-exfoliated skin won’t have the same effect, and may require more frequent application to get the same results.

As any avid body scrub lovers knows, the main benefit to using it regularly is how it makes you feel. As the little granules exfoliate and massage the skin, it’s common to feel lighter, cleaner and more refreshed instantly. Your skin will once again be soft as a baby’s, without the need to travel all the way to the Dead Sea. How’s that for an instant mood booster?

Make your home your very own spa and give your skin a similar glowing treatment every other day, with an exfoliating scrub from our highly rated range. Best for skin care ! Our customers swear by our Firming Mud Body Foaming Scrub, which not only exfoliates deeply but also tightens and firms skin. If you’re looking for the ultimate relaxation, look no further than our Ocean Aromatic Body Peeling, the best body scrub for stress reduction.

If you’re in need of refreshment, let our Kiwi Mango Aromatic Body Peeling body scrub transport you to a tropical paradise. It’s composed of 95% pure Dead Sea minerals, for a truly transformational effect. For a similarly indulgent experience, try our Ocean Aromatic Body Peeling scrub and awaken your senses by feeling the water on your skin. Finally, for a truly luxurious exfoliating experience, treat your skin to our Milk & Honey scrub, which replenishes moisture as it peels away toxins.

As always, all of our products – including dead sea salt scrub – are made using the finest ingredients found in the Dead Sea. These ingredients include precious minerals and essential vitamins that improve skin health and texture over time, with regular use.

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