Mineral Body Lotions & Creams for Softer Skin

Get a Head to toe glow with the best for skin care

Refreshing , Softness and Radiance
Mineral Body Lotions

When it comes to glowing skin, don’t stop at your face and neck. Give your entire body the best moisturizers for dry skin it craves with our line of body moisturizers, lotions and creams.


For glowing skin, give your skin what it deserves: The very best skin cream. And we don’t just mean the delicate skin on your face. Indulge your entire body with the best body lotion available from -417’s wide range of body cream

When choosing a body cream, it’s important to pay attention to its ingredients. Choose the best skin care brand using the finest natural ingredients.

We offer the best moisturizers for dry skin, normal skin or breakout-prone skin, formulated using natural nutrients from the Dead Sea, the world’s largest natural spa. Time and time again, these salts and mineral components have been proved beneficial for a number of conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Shop for a body lotion online from our wide range of top rated products. Try our bestselling Mud Butter for the ultimate Dead Sea experience that will replenish your skin’s moisture, leaving it soft, supple and more resilient than ever. If you’re looking for deeper hydration, try our Catharsis Skin Relief cream and kiss any aches goodbye. Once all is said and done, don’t neglect your hands! They may be dry from working, driving or washing frequently, so be sure to lather them in a rich hand cream such as our Hand Moisturizer.

At the start and at the end of your day, set aside time for yourself and awaken your senses with a rich, luxurious body lotion, that smells just as amazing as it feels. You may be thinking of body lotion for dry skin, but in fact, anyone with any skin condition can benefit from daily moisturizing skin.

We all have extra dry rough areas on our bodies, such as knees, soles and elbows. These spots too can look and feel their very best with ongoing hydration. The same applies to calluses you may have on your feet or hands – if you hydrate them consistently, they will be just as soft and silky as the rest of the skin on your body.

Of course, your legs, arms, shoulders and feet could also benefit from this calming daily ritual. Take your time massaging the lotion into your body, not missing a spot, and give it a few minutes to soak into skin. You’ll also experience an unexpected benefit: There’s nothing like taking a few minutes to yourself at the end of each day. Try it – your skin and your mind will thank you.

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