Mineral Body Butter for Moisturized, Softer Skin

For softness that lasts

Deep Nutrition
Mineral Body Butters

Indulge in our collection of luxurious body butters. Rich in the finest minerals and nutrients, they help rid your skin of imperfections, leaving it moisturized and supple.

If you’ve had it with dry skin, don’t spend another second applying regular body lotion - and upgrade to body butter. The very best body butter should feel different from regular body lotion. Typically, you can expect a thicker, richer consistency, a smooth application and a luxurious fragrance. The secret ingredients? Shea butter and Dead Sea water

Once our Shea body butter has been applied, you won’t be able to miss that oh-so-smooth feeling gliding your fingers on your legs, arms, back and anywhere else on your body. Shea butter is also a natural anti-inflammatory, in addition to being a superior moisturizer. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced from an ordinary body lotion, and it’s completely natural. Consider it nature’s gift!

Try -417’s natural body butter, formulated using the finest minerals and nutrients from the world’s largest natural spa, The Dead Sea. Located 417 meters (1,368 feet) below sea level, The Dead Sea is a treasure trove of mud and salt that replenish our skin, getting rid of imperfections and leaving us with a naturally beautiful and supple texture that looks and feels healthy.Best moisturizers for dry skin.

We offer body butter lotion to suit any skin type and condition. Thanks to our all natural list of ingredient, it’s recommended for daily use. Once you dip into the jar, you’ll feel the rich texture and all the moisture it holds within. Feel free to apply a generous layer in the areas that need it most: Knees, elbows and feet. Then, proceed by applying a thinner layer everywhere else. Let it set for a few minutes before getting dressed, and enjoy lasting moisture all day long.

Don’t worry, regardless of how dry your skin is to begin with, it won’t soak up all the body butter at once. Thanks to our incredible formula, absorption is slower and deeper, moisturizing skin from within and leaving it with a lasting soft and plump texture, that shows instantaneously. Our range of body butters can be used by anyone, at any age, without fear of irritation or sensitivity.

For best results, apply body butter after an indulgent peeling session, when pores are open and primed for moisture. Parched skin can be rehabilitated simply and quickly, if you apply the body butter often.

Our range of products comes in an array of enchanting aromas, from refreshing Kiwi & Mango, to calming Ocean, and sweet Milk & Honey, you’re sure to find at least one favorite (and probably two or three) - and your skin will show it.

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