50 ml | 1.7 oz

Concentrated brightening beauty mask.
Brightens dark marks & sun spots.
Firms and nourishes the skin.
Creates a fresh glamorous look.
FEEL the extraordinary texture on the skin
SEE visible results on the skin:

Dark marks & sun spots are brighter.
Skin is nourished and firmer.
Skin tone is even.

50 ml | 1.7 oz

Intensive concentrated brightening night cream.
For even and fresh look.Completes daily routine treating
skin pigmentation & skin renewal.
Supports skin's natural renewal process while sleeping.
FEEL the rich texture on the skin
SEE the benefits on the skin:

Skin is smoother.
Skin tone is even & luminous.

200 ml | 6.8 oz

Whitening daily refreshing cleanser gel.
Foaming soap gel & make-up remover.
Helps to brighten sun & age spots, dark marks
and hyperpigmented skin areas.
FEEL the lightweight texture on the skin
SEE the results on the skin:

Skin is clean and purified.
Skin is brighter and radiant.
Skin tone is even.


100 ml

Concentrated rich whitening hand cream.
Contains sun protector agent.
Brightens dark marks and sun & age spots on the hands.
Immediate visible results.
Helps tighten the skin's network structure while
improving elasticity and firmness.
FEEL the rich and yet non greasy texture.
SEE immediate visible results on the skin:

Skin is firmer, softer & smoother.



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