Instant Miracle Recovery Mud Mask

Feel an incredible sensation as the natural Dead Sea minerals focus on a very special magnetic removal of dead skin, excess oils and damaging environmental toxins that can leave your skin smoother, brighter and softer than it’s been in years. Best product for skin.

*A regenerating anti-aging mask that leaves you with that glorious feeling of having uncovered ‘new skin’ by removing the unwanted dead and damaged old layer.

*Gives the much-needed appearance of reducing the fine lines that are associated with aging and the exposure to the environmental pollutants that you’re subjected to every day.

*The Dead Sea minerals taken from -417 meters below sea level, the lowest point on the surface of the earth, help improve your skins texture as it works to smooth out the graininess and pitting that can be caused by aging, sunlight and the processed foods that are unavoidable in today’s diet.


 Scent~ Bask in the aromatic sensation of ancient earth as the mud mask purifies, exfoliates and draws toxins out and away from your skin.

See~ The difference in the mirror and hear the compliments as your skin naturally firms, tones and tightens while the signs of aging diminish.

Feel~ Your skin smooth as it’s youthful texture is recovered by evening out the tiny highs and lows that can otherwise give that grainy appearance.