Perfumes Mar Morto

 5 years of researches and tests lead to the first worldwide innovation:

Patent –pending And Trade marked

First of its kind –
Natural based – Dead Sea Perfume TM
A worldwide first kind innovation lead to the special first line of perfumes of Minus 417 Cosmetic Research Dead Sea Ltd.

N º4 Her

N º1 Men

N º7 Teen

The patent is based on the unique healing minerals from the lowest place on earth – the Dead Sea, enriches the skin and stable the perfume adjective.

The unique minerals helps the natural based perfume to be more stable and less adjective than any other perfume in the world.

-417 Cosmetic research Dead Sea Ltd, a private company established in 2003 develop manufactures and worldwide distribute unique natural skin care products based on natural active components as minerals from the lowest place in the world – the Dead Sea and plant extract with Vitamins imported from France.

Perfumes usually remain in the surface of the skin, and soon their aromatic effect fades, on the other hand Dead Sea minerals penetrate deep into the skin and vitalize it.

After five years of research, a ground breaking innovation was accomplished: to combine perfume scents with the healing minerals of the Dead Sea.

Currently with a patent pending, these perfumes are the most stable and less pervasive than any perfume in the world.