"Active components "?

In addition to the above mentioned vitamins and minerals Minus 417 Ltd. uses the following active components known in the international cosmetics industry:
Various oils and seed extracts like: Olive oil, Lanoline oil, Almonds Seed extract oil, Borge oil, Avocado oil, Citrus oil extract, Evening Pimrose (Oenothera Biennis) oil, etc.
Enzymes and proteins like: Q-10, milk protein, Oxybenzon, sugars and amino-acids.
Plant extracts like: Ylang-Ylang, Aloe Vera, Chamomille, Lavender, Achynecea, Mirrha, Oblephiha, Beeswax.
Our day-treating products include SPF15 (UAV&UVB blockers).

Aren’t Dead Sea ingredients too harsh for sensitive skin types?
On the contrary. People from all over the world with very sensitive skin or even skin disorders come to the Dead Sea to immerse their bodies in its mineral-rich waters. Dead Sea minerals are approved and recommended by the world’s most renowned dermatologists, both as an excellent remedy for alleviating the symptoms of skin problems and as ongoing, daily care for maintaining healthy skin at optimal levels. The majority of Minus 417products are approved for sensitive skin.

How can I track my order?
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How will I know that my order was received?
An order confirmation will appear as the last step in your order process. Shortly after, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with an order numberand summary of your orde.

Is it safe use my credit card ?
We understand how important security is to you. When you order online with us, we use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology. This is the most advanced consumer online security technique to date. You can be assured that your order will be placed safely and securely.

What is a Mineral Complex?
Sodium chloride (NaCl) removes skin scales and improves its permeability. Manufactured for soap and other products in the cosmetics industry.
Magnesium chloride is essential for cell metabolism and affects the ripening of skin cells of psoriasis patients. Moreover, in cases of bronchi, Magnesium works as anti-allergic agent.
Potassium chloride is commonly known as "Muriate of Potash“ used in medicine. Especially benificial for asthma patients.
Bromide’s concentration is 50 times higher than common salts thus having a very relaxing effect.

Chlorine is necessary to maintain the correct balance of alkaline and acid in the body, together with being vital for cell metabolism.
Iodine is necessary for the production of the hormone thyroxin, and is also vital for both energy and cell metabolism.
Calcium is necessary in strenghtening cell membranes and cleansing the pores. In addition it is vital for production and maintenance of healthy teeth and bones, together with regulating the heart muscles and nerves.
Zinc plays a role in enzymatic regulation of cell proliferation.

What is so special about the Dead Sea?
The Dead Sea is the Earth’s largest natural spa. Located on the lowest point of the planet (417 meters below sea level), it abounds with a variety of minerals with proven therapeutic powers and cosmetic benefits. The life-giving waters of the Dead Sea contain the highest concentration of minerals in the world – an astounding 32%. Its sedimentary clay layers of rich, black mineral mud yield extraordinary concentrations of natural elements (ten times more than ocean water) – such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, strontium, boron and iron – that are essential to maintaining healthy, supple skin. Finally, the exceptionally low altitude provides for a dense blanket of pure, pollution-free oxygen that supplies added protection in filtering out the sun’s harmful rays. These are only some of the reasons why people come from all over the world to enjoy this magical, health-enhancing oasis.

What is the uniqeness of the Vitamin Mineral Complex?
Maintains the natural humidity of the skin by improving the mineral balance of the cells
Strengthens the natural protection of the skin
Delays skin aging by regenerating new skin cells
Relaxes glow and skin allergies
Improves the body and face skin texture, hair and scalp
Eases rheumatic pain in muscles and bones
Detoxifies, cleans skin thoroughly
Anti Allergen and suitable for sensitive skin care
Increases cell metabolism and activates enzymes

What is Vitamin Complex?
A complex of very essential and stable group of vitamins for the proper activity of the skin like:
  • Vitamin A: Essential for rejuvenation process and the healthy structure of the tissue.
  • Vitamin E: Slows down the process of tissue aging and protects from damaging infections.
  • Vitamin F: Enhances the process of metabolism of the skin and provides it with oxygen assisting in safeguarding the skin’s humidity. Essential for building tissue layers.
  • Vitamin H: and the whole group of Vitamin B: Beneficial for infected and allergic skin. Assist in slowing down skin aging.
  • Some of product contain Vitamin C: Available only in a few creams of the product line. Its main task is to speed up blood circulation.

Why are minerals so healthy for the skin?
Minerals provide the syntax for the skin’s natural language, enabling inter-cellular messaging and helping the skin to better perform its metabolic functions and retain and deliver moisture where necessary. Vital to the skin’s healthy function are magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium, which attract and retain water and are therefore considered to be Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF).