10 Reasons to Trust -417

N°1 In Israeli Luxury Skincare*

*Fastest growing brand in local market and quickly expanding in international markets as well

N°2 Beauty “Made in Israel”, from the unique Dead Sea shores, -417 meters below Sea Level

 The best for your skin and the planet: A unique origin

-417 is an exclusive and unique line of natural skincare products based on natural active components and minerals from the lowest place in the world – the Dead Sea. The company’s name has been accepted as an international brand symbolizing the exact location below sea level of the Dead Sea at the time of the company’s foundation. Our founder, Moty Fridman, collaborated with a team of chemists at the top research laboratories in Europe to develop products and treatments with formulas combining technology and well-being for a positive, transformative effect on both body and mind.


N°3 Changing the Face of Beauty

Moty Fridman, -417 founder, is recognized in the art world as an accomplished and innovative sculptor. Moty‘s modernist philosophy extends to beauty and beyond. As an artist, Moty‘s continual passion for beauty and purity inspired him to create skincare products as the tools to help people become a master of their own art. -417‘s products are laid out in an order much like how an artist would paint, beginning with products to “prepare the canvas”, alluding to the face being prepared to receive beauty products. 

Moty Fridman, takes responsibility and cares for each product and formula he is designing

The idea behind the brand is familiarity, and it is important to Moty that each interaction feels intimate and personal.

N°4 A Passion for Art & Skincare

When creating our -417 masterpiece, we consider it a work of art, full of emotions.

Just like seeing a painting for the first time, we aspire to bring you a unique beauty experience of uncommon sensations.We start at the source, Mother Nature, bringing you the most embracing energy coming from the lowest place on earth, the Dead Sea, utilizing the finest natural elements of treatment, care and pure love.Precious mud, crystal minerals and essential aromatic oils are selectively chosen and formulated with the most legendary ingredient of nature; to wrap your body and mind with uncommon sensations.


N°5 Naturally sourced Ingredients: Our Science

We always choose a natural ingredient over a chemical one, if it delivers the same level of effectiveness. This is the golden rule that all -417 researchers follow when designing our innovative products.

All ingredients are carefully selected for their effectiveness and are delivered in optimal concentrations to reveal the beauty of every woman. Each ingredient is sourced with the utmost care for the environment to protect our planet’s biodiversity.


N°6 Clean Beauty and Recyclable Beauty

Sustainable beauty – We believe in delivering the best product possible. Clean Beauty helps us achieve this goal by delivering ingredient transparency, proving product efficacy and eco-ethical steps towards a more sustainable future. All of our bottles, tubes and jars are 100% recyclable. 


N°7 Permanent Innovation

As the beauty needs of women change, we continually perfect our formulas to keep up with the pace. With this objective in mind, -417 has created many revolutionary industry firsts—problem-solving products that deliver real results, with a choice of textures and application techniques that enhance their effectiveness and the pleasure they provide.


N°8 Try Before You Buy

Because -417 products are our best beauty ambassadors, we invite you to try them first. What is your skin type? What are your skin care concerns? Which textures do you prefer? Many -417 products are available in sample size, so give them a try.


N°9 Breathing Expertise

Breathing well improves cell regeneration and fights free radicals. Thus, conscious and controlled breathing, are ultra-effective methods to allow the skin to oxygenate more. With correct breathing practices, skin texture is improved, feels good and is more ready to accept beauty products. A better feeling and healthier skin can absorb high quality beauty products at a higher standard.


N°10 Uncommonsensations, live the ultimate beauty experience with -417

Legendary skin care creation born out of our founder’s passion for art, utilizing the finest elements from Mother Nature, the Dead Sea. Awaken your senses with an exclusive clean, sustainable beauty experience




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